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Oil-Office Scandal Drips On Taxpayers

Posted in Economy, Politics with tags , , on September 19, 2008 by gyma

That was the title of an article in this morning’s Denver Post.  We’ve had more coverage of the Minerals Management Service scandal because the office is located in Lakewood, a Denver suburb.

Jon Stewart did a skit on this the other night where he showed several Republicans lambasting the passage of the offshire drilling bill.  The one that allows drilling only outside the 50-mile mark.

Now when you hear these people bemoaning this “farce” of a bill, keep the following in mind:

Despite the importance of the Minerals Management Service, which manages $12 billion in contracts for oil and gas companies that drill on federal lands, “there were no rules, there was no policy, there was no guidance” for workers in a key division, Interior Inspector General Earl E. Devaney told members of the House Natural Resources Committee.

“There probably were some losses” to taxpayers, Devaney said. “But we have no idea how to estimate what they would be.”

Yes, regulation can go too far, but to think that no regulation is a good thing only underscores the mess we are currently facing.

And don’t forget the large sums of money Halliburton has stolen from us, the taxpayers.


United States EXPORTS Oil!

Posted in Politics with tags , , on August 23, 2008 by gyma

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this morning on Crooks & Liars that the United States exported 1.8 million barrels of oil per day in May 2008.  That’s stunning.  And where did this oil go?  Apparently to the likes of China, Singapore, and even Venezuela!  Venezuela, where gas is selling for something like $.25 per gallon.

Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass) sent a letter to President George Bush last week requesting this practice be stopped. 

This is what happens when we elect Big Oil to the White House.  I have never bought into the lies that we have to begin drilling in ANWR or offshore in order to reduce the price of oil.  And even if it did reduce the price, it doesn’t do squat to move us away from our oil dependence in general.

The next time you hear a politician telling you we MUST agree to offshore drilling, etc., take a look at from whom he/she takes financial contributions.  I’ll guarantee it’s from someone representing Big Oil or Big Oil interests.

From Rep. Markey’s letter:

“This is yet more proof that there are countless efforts America could make to increase our energy independence that dwarf any results from offshore drilling,” continued Markey. “We should be stopping oil exports and increasing the production of renewable energy and plug-in hybrid vehicles, not depend on Big Oil’s offshore drilling pipeline dream.”