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Bumper Sticker of the Day

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If Gov. Palin isn’t available to run as his Veep, I think Michelle Bachmann might be available!

Apparently Joe is considering running for Marcy Kaptur’s seat in Ohio in 2010.  Of course Joe doesn’t yet understand that his 15 minutes of fame are way overdue and he better get his taxes paid before then.

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Where’s The Drano?

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Presented without comment. 

Disconnect Much?

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I’ll admit it doesn’t take much these days for me to get discouraged by the way the Republicans are framing issues.  And by discouraged, I mean thinking voters will make decisions based on lies.  To illustrate what I mean, watch this exchange between Obama and Joe the Plumber.  Please watch the entire video.

Okay, was there anything disrespectful about how Obama answered Joe’s questions?  Was Obama angry that Joe asked his question?  It certainly doesn’t look that way to me.  But who are going to believe – John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their surrogates, or your lying eyes and ears?

On the campaign trail in Pennsylvania today, Sarah Palin talked about how upset Obama was because Joe ruined his “photo op” and asked a simple question.  Huh?  The following is from the CNN website:

At the rally in Lancaster on Saturday, Palin said that Joe Wurzelbacher, “bless his heart,” is being “investigated” and “attacked” because the Obama campaign didn’t appreciate him asking Obama a question about his tax plan.

I’m sad that our politicians believe this is the way to get votes.  Someone should remind Palin that it was her running mate, not Barack Obama, who provided Joe the plumber with his 15  minutes of fame.  And it was the media, fueled by McCain’s invoking Joe’s name numerous times during the debate, that exposed Joe for who he really is. 

But the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter!  What matters is the policy behind the question.  As Kucinich said in his DNC speech, America, Wake Up!

Under McCain, Joe won’t fare very well, whereas under Obama he’ll have more of his paycheck in his pocket.  Why aren’t we talking more about that than the b.s. McCain and Palin are spreading?


Joe The Plumber

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I watched the entire debate last night and I felt the most at ease during this one.  I thought Obama stayed focused and on message, whereas McCain rambled and seemed to get lost.  I also found McCain’s facial expressions interesting, to say the least.

Maybe later I’ll write more in depth about what was or wasn’t said last night, but for now I have a question regarding Joe, the plumber. 

Everything I’ve seen says Joe claims he was going to buy this plumbing business for $250,000.  First, that seems just a bit fictious, but let’s stipulate that’s the case.  If I understand Obama’s tax plan correctly, Obama’s cutoff for paying more in taxes is if your earned income is more than $250K.  Now if Joe is going to buy the business for that amount, it doesn’t mean his income will be $250K, right?

Maybe I’m not understanding the plan.  Am I missing something?