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Bumper Sticker of the Day

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I really like this one, but now I can’t remember where I saw it!


God Hates Obama – The Bible Tells Me So

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Maybe this is why I turned my back on the Baptist Church and organized religion.  This woman is absolutely crazy!

[h/t Take, Take, Take]


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Halloween will be here before you know it.  Whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter, you can find a pattern to carve the perfect lantern to decorate your front porch this year.  Click on the graphic for more info.

Palin Wins The Debate….

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I laughed first, then banged my head on my computer table when I read this doozy from who else?

[….] Steve Doocy then jumped in by pointing out the fact that although both Biden and Palin were wearing flag pins, Palin’s was “about three times the size of his.” “So I would say flag-pin wise, she is a hands-down winner,” said Doocy. Carlson noted that her pin had “a few more jewels” too.

How do these people find their way to work every morning?!

[h/t Think Progress]

Debate Drinking Game

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I don’t think any of the debate drinking games included the word “also” but if it had, we’d probably all be drunk.  Palin said the word “also” 48 times tonight. 

Maybe the word ‘also’ has replaced the word ‘like’ in Valley Girl Speak.

Biden did well tonight and overall, this debate was much more interesting than last week’s debate. 

I’m sure the fact checkers will have fun going through the facts and figures thrown out tonight.

Palin certainly did better than she’s done in any of her previous interviews, but that isn’t saying much.  There’s something about the way she speaks that is annoying after about 1-2 minutes.

I thought there were a couple of things she said tonight that were interesting.  The first was the comment about not answering the questions the way Ifill or Biden wanted her to, but that she was going to answer directly to the American people.  Huh?

Second was her comment about being thankful that the constitution gives more authority to the vice president if the vice president chooses to use it.  Huh?

And lastly I think she confused ex-press secretary Scott McClellan with Gen. McKiernan.

Oh one more thing.  Did Palin really mean to say there was a toxic mess on Main Street that was affecting Wall Street?

Tonight the local talking heads on television are talking about Palin’s folksy demeanor and how well she connects with viewers.  These were men and I’m wondering if they thought she was winking at them when she looked into the camera tonight?  I felt her folksy schtick was a bit over the top.  A little would have gone a long way.  As president you can only say ‘you betcha’ so many times.

And finally I found it interesting that all three pundits on ABC, Donna Brazille, Matthew Dowd, and Torie Clarke all agreed that Biden was the winner.

I’m sure Fox News will see it completely differently, though.  One thing’s for sure – listening to this stuff is making me stupid.

Where Are The Medical Records?

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With only 44 days until the election, why haven’t all of the candidates’ medical records been released? 

McCain allowed a select number of journalists 3 hours to review more than 1,000 pages and they weren’t allowed to make any photocopies.

Today I could find no evidence that Gov. Palin has released her medical records or that anyone is even asking that she do so!

I also can find nothing to lead me to believe Sen. Biden has released his medical records either.

Apparently Sen. Obama has released only a summary letter from his family physician stating he’s in overall excellent health.

Is this normal??

Biden In Hot Water Sez CNN

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Who, exactly writes this drivel?  Apparently Joe Biden made a football-related comment on the trail the other day, stating his alum would kick some Ohio football team’s ass. 

Apparently the Republicans were quick to jump on it by saying this:

“As if his comments about it being a patriotic duty for Ohioans to pay higher taxes weren’t bad enough, now Biden is taking pot shots at the Buckeyes,” GOP State chair Bob Bennett said. “Barack Obama and Joe Biden must really think they can win this election without Ohio, because they’re doing their best to lose it with stupid comments like these. Keep talking, Joe.”

Um, Bob, do you think Ohioans are that shallow that they would vote for McCain because Joe Biden supports his home team?  OMG, the world’s coming to an end!!

And I, for one, think Joe Biden was spot on when he said it was your patriotic duty to pay your fair share of taxes.  Republicans are trying to morph his statement into meaning everyone should be paying higher taxes.  Of course, that’s not what Joe said.  He was saying all those fat cats who cheated the rest of us out of our 401K money and are walking away with sweet multimillion dollar severance packages for running their companies into the ground, should do the patriotic thing and cough up a proportionate share of their income.

I’m with Joe on this one.