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Sexiest Man Alive 2008

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People Magazine has announced that Hugh Jackman is their 2008 Sexiest Man Alive.  I guess I can agree with that – and there have been some years when I wondered, ‘huh?’

Of course I don’t really follow movies, but I think I saw him several years in some time traveling movie with Meg Ryan, right?  I’m just not much into the Hollywood scene and all that.

In no particular order and with no regard for previous ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ titles here are a few of the fellows I’d nominate if someone actually cared about my opinion:


No explanation needed.


Mark Harmon in his younger days.  And he’s aging well.


My favorite Bond men:





This is my long shot – Robson Green, a British actor.  Watch Reckless and you’ll see what I mean!


Clooney/Damon ’08

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Since polls are showing Americans don’t vote based on issues but on personality, I think Democrats should draft George Clooney for President and Matt Damon could be his VP.  Hell, Clooney would make a better president than McCain or Palin and I’m sure lots and lots of women would show up at rallies looking to have their picture taken with him.  All he’d have to do to get elected, I guess, is tell voters he was the President of his high school senior class and that he manages his hard-earned millions himself.  And he could talk up his foreign policy experience by talking about the house he owns in Italy.

We really have become a shallow country.