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Rigged Elections?

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on September 18, 2008 by gyma

All along I’ve been saying that if the press keeps reporting the polls are too close to call, then the Republicans will steal the election and it will be 2000 all over again.  And just to remind you, the composition of the Supreme Court has changed, although I believe the outcome would be the same.  I hope Obama has a strong legal team behind him.

Susan Greene, a local columnist for The Denver Post, had an interesting column in today’s paper.  Colorado’s Secretary of State is Republican, Mike Coffman.  Coffman is also running this year for the 6th Congressional District (the seat being vacated by Tom Tancredo, another worthless bag of DNA).  Besides having no faith in this country’s financial institutions, I no longer have any faith in our ability to run fair elections.  We might as well reprint all our currency with “The Banana Republic of America.”


Problem is, he wouldn’t return inquiries for this column.

Maybe that’s because Coffman doesn’t want his would-be voters for Congress reminded that a state audit found one of his employees probably broke the law by operating a partisan side business, and that Coffman himself “shares responsibility for these violations.”

Or that a lobbying firm working on Coffman’s campaign also was representing a voting-machine maker seeking recertification by his office.

Or that Coffman’s election director recently resigned after news broke that the condominium where she claimed residence is owned by a businessman whose firm has elections-systems contracts with the state.

Or that, after identifying more than 100 hours of unaccounted work time on Coffman’s calendar, watchdogs are calling for him to step down.

On Wednesday, Gov. Bill Ritter joined with county clerks in urging Coloradans to cast absentee ballots to help avoid chaos at the polls. As Flanagan tells it, it’s good advice “that raises an alarm bell that we’re not prepared for Election Day.”

Go figure that Coffman — the official supposed to oversee our elections — didn’t attend the news conference.

I particularly like the part about Coffman hiring a lobbying firm that was also representing a voting-machine maker (Diebold??) seeking recertification by his office.

We are being urged by our lawmakers to vote by mail because this same Secretary of State has certified 18 ballot issues, the longest ballot since 1912.

This country has become a joke and I’m not finding it very funny.


Why Polls Matter – NOT!

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , , on August 25, 2008 by gyma

CNN (online) is currently running an article showing McCain and Obama are in a dead heat according to the polls.  But if you look at Zogby, who also took a poll over the weekend, you’ll see Obama with a slight lead (2%).

I took several statistics classes as an undergraduate student and learned how simple it is to make data look any way who want it to.  Here’s why I think it’s dangerous for us to pay attention to the polls.

Most of the time you never hear about the methodology of the polls, and even when you are told, how many Americans do  you think even understand what a margin of error is?

John Zogby, a prominent pollster, authored this article back during the 2004 campaign to explain why, after the Republican National Convention, his polls were showing Bush with a 2% lead, but Newsweek reported a poll showing an 11% lead.  That’s a significant difference.

I’m going to get my tin foil hat out of the closet and I’ll be right back.

Okay, here’s what I want to suggest.  I think it’s clear that there has a significant consolidation of the news media over the last several years, and the bulk of this media is now owned by a few corporations who have a vested interest in keeping Republicans in the White House.  That being said, isn’t it possible these “news” organizations are cooking the polls and keeping them front and center so that it will be easier for Diebold to do its thing once again and steal the election?

You see McCain only has to win by what?  Even 5,000 votes would be enough that a recall probably wouldn’t take place and once again the public will be duped into believing it was a very close election.  If you don’t think this is possible, check out Black Box Voting or read this previous post about the problems with the Diebold machines in Ohio.  The media will be jawing for days about how the country simply isn’t yet ready for a minority president, blah, blah, blah.

Do you wonder how pollsters reach the people included in their polls?  Do they have access to cell phone numbers?  Do they ever text people or do they have to be sitting at home by their land line phones just waiting for that call?  If so, then it’s easy to see that the polls are being skewed towards a less technologically, older audience, who most likely would favor McCain.  Duh!

One more point.  This information isn’t being talked about all that much in the news, but I have seen a couple of references to how many people are leaving the Republican Party and how many more are signing up as Democrats.  If this is true, and I don’t doubt it for one minute, then how in the world can this election possibly be that close?  It can’t.

Earlier in the month the New York Times published an article discussing these numbers and I think it’s worth reading. 

Remember these things in November if John McCain magically gets elected.  I want to see rioting in the streets if it happens and people storming their County Clerks offices demanding proof positive that McCain won fair and square.