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Halloween will be here before you know it.  Whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter, you can find a pattern to carve the perfect lantern to decorate your front porch this year.  Click on the graphic for more info.


Cindy McCain

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I’m not sure how much emphasis to place on first families when it comes to deciding who to vote for.  But lots of other people apparently think it’s important so I wanted to ask if others are bothered by the way Cindy McCain presents herself on the campaign trail.  If Michelle Obama dressed the way Cindy McCain does, the press would be all over her and her husband.

I just saw a video clip of Cindy McCain on the campaign trail today (couldn’t find a still picture to post) and she looked a bit too “tartish” for my tastes.  She’ in her mid 50s, has nearly an unlimited amount of money to spend on clothes, etc., yet there’s something about her style that doesn’t sit right with me.

The photo below was taken today but she was wearing a different outfit on the national news tonight.  Anyone else?

AP Photo/John Raoux taken Augus 18, 2008 at VFW National Convention in Orland, FL

AP Photo/John Raoux taken August 18, 2008 at VFW National Convention in Orlando, FL