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Bumper Sticker of the Day

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Basketball, anyone?


Charity Giving

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Over the weekend I received a solicitation call from the League of Conservation Voters.  I never donate money to anyone based on such calls and normally I cut them off early in the spiel.  For some unknown reason, I listened, in its entirety, to this person’s canned pitch.  At the end he asked if I would give at their highest level, or $100. 

I politely said no I couldn’t.  He then proceeded to argue with me, at which point, I said I thought Speaker Pelosi needed to do her job without my donating $100 to the LCV.  You see the main part of his pitch was that they needed money in order to work with congress in getting the billions of tax cuts to oil companies repealed.  That prompted this young man to belittle me by saying I obviously wasn’t listening to what he had said!

Well, the conversation went downhill from there and ultimately I had to tell this guy that arguing with me wasn’t making it more likely that I would open my purse and donate to his cause, etc.

The next day I emailed the LCV and asked to have my name removed from their solicitation list.  I don’t know if this will be successful, but it got me wondering how they got my name, phone number, and mailing address in the first place.  So far this year the only organizations I’ve donated to are the United Way and Obama’s campaign.

Does anyone know if the Obama campaign has sold its donor list?  I will be much less likely to donate to another political candidate in the future if this turns out to be the case.

And for the record, I’ve read several times now that Obama’s campaign has forever changed the way politicians will raise money.  To those pundits who think that, here’s a newsflash: 

I know several people who donated to Obama, myself included, who very likely will NOT donate to many other political candidates in the future.  So I wouldn’t count on raising $500M if I were you.

Just saying….

Bumper Sticker of the Day

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I understand the comedians are moderately miffed at Obama being elected since he’s just not funny enough.  There certainly wasn’t a dearth of material these last 8 years so I think they should consider themselves fortunate.


Obama’s First 100 Days

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Today’s Denver Post included an excerpted column from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about Obama’s first 100 days.  The column was titled “The First 83 Days” and was written by Kevin Horrigan.  I’ll give you a taste and you can click on the link to read the whole thing:

Every new president tries to emulate Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous “100 Days” strategy of 1933 with a blitz of new initiatives, but Barack Obama is so special he’ll need only 83.

Based on in-depth research — via right-wing websites — here’s Obama’s agenda  between Inauguration Day and Easter Sunday.

Jan. 20: Deliver Inaugural Address (in Farsi) on YouTube.
Jan. 21: Redecorate Oval Office as cave.
Jan. 22: Get fitted for turban (Barack).
Jan. 23: Get fitted for burkha (Michelle & girls).
Jan. 24: Name new puppy: Roe-ver Siswade.
Jan. 25: Veggie Monday.
Jan. 26: Bill Ayers Medal of Freedom ceremony.
Jan. 27: Enroll girls in madrassa.
Jan. 28: Poison water supplies (red states).
Jan. 29: Ahmadinejad state dinner.
Jan. 30: Redistribute wealth.
Jan. 31: Nuke Wasilla.
Feb. 1: Hugo Chavez @ Camp David.
Feb. 2: Outlaw fur.
Feb. 3: Repeal Second Amendment.
Feb. 4: Talk-Like-A-Kenyan Day.
Feb. 5: Dick Cheney? Two words: extraordinary rendition.
Feb. 6: Rumsfeld trial begins at The Hague.
Feb. 7: Soak rich.
Feb. 8: Soak middle class.
Feb. 9: Declare basketball national pastime.
Feb. 10: Arugula: It’s what’s for dinner.
Feb. 11: Tim Robbins Film Festival.

I guess I lost my humor these last 8 years along with some of my civil rights.

Dear President-elect Obama

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I couldn’t agree more.  Our first dog was the cutest thing ever.  I’ll scan and post a picture of him over the weekend.  He was abandoned in rural Missouri and showed up one day on someone’s porch.  We had just moved to our 40-acres in the middle of nowhere and were without any pets.  The folks we bought our house from knew this and they were friends with the homeowner where our “Judge” showed up.  They brought him to us one evening, complete with a collar, leash, and some dog food.  He was adorable and turned out to be the most loveable dog.

He developed diabetes a few years later and we kept him alive for 7 years by giving him twice daily insulin injections, thrice daily feedings, and morning AND evening walks.  He was a high maintenance dog but we knew he was ever grateful for our having taken him in.

I hope the Obamas can find a rescue dog that meets their needs.  They’ll be richly rewarded if they do.

Bumper Sticker of the Day

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I have a button that says, “Bush Won, Earth Zero” that I bought after his 2000 coronation.  I like this bumper sticker from Zazzle much, much better.


Obama’s Dilemma

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What’s a newly elected President to do?  I’ve heard several accounts over the last week of Obama wanting to make it perfectly clear that the United States has only one president at a time.

This picture (he’s hugging Tammy Duckworth) was the front page story on this morning’s Denver Post.  It was a large picture and was above the fold.  When I turned the paper over, there was a picture of Bush, about 1/6 the size of Obama’s picture, and I didn’t even bother to read the article.

Now that’s irrevelance if I ever saw it!