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Charlie Gibson is a Pompous Ass

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on August 24, 2008 by gyma

Okay, I feel better.  He was just on the ABC Evening News and the lead off story was how indignant the Republicans are that Hillary Clinton wasn’t chosen as VP.  Lead. Off. Story.  If you read between the lines, you’ll realize what they were really saying was “Dang, Biden doesn’t give us enough to work with here, but HRC would have been a gift from Heaven.”

Once Charlie got that off his chest, he went on to call the DNC Convention Hall “garish.”  I live in the Denver Media Market and all I’ve heard for days is what a fantastic job the organizers have done with the convention center.  I don’t know why I watch ABC except that CBS and NBC aren’t any better.

I’m not sure how much of the convention coverage I can stand to watch.


ABC News Sucks

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on August 23, 2008 by gyma

Why does ABC News think we want to hear Charlie Gibson talk about nothing rather than hear what Joe Biden has to say?

Biden is still talking to the crowd in Illinois but I can’t hear what he’s saying because Jake Tapper and Charlie Gibson are yakking about some b.s.  Unfortunately, ABC seems to be the only network carrying it.