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Just. Go. Vote.

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Been There, Done That

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I thought I requested a mail in ballot several months ago, but when it didn’t arrive by last week I began to wonder.  I checked online only to discover we would have to vote in person because our county clerk’s office claimed they never received our requests.

Early voting started on Monday here in Colorado, so this morning we voted.  I have to admit I was disappointed that there wasn’t a line, but that is most likely due to the high numbers of requested mail  in ballots.

We were offered touch screen or paper ballots and we both opted for the paper ones.  I heard on NPR the other night coming home from work that Colorado could be this year’s Florida. 

What does it say about our country that we no longer have faith that our votes will be counted?

Another Big Oil Pick?

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Gov. Sarah Palin
Gov. Sarah Palin

The first time I wrote this post I was skeptical about Senator McCain’s choice for Vice President.  Since this post is now linked to a Fox news item, I decided to rewrite it for all you Fox news folks.

Honestly, here’s my take.  Sarah Palin does not have more or equivalent experience to Barack Obama.  For Pete’s sake she was the mayor of a town with fewer than 9,000 people being run by a staff of about 100 people.  The entire state of Alaska has a population of approximately 670,000.  The City of Chicago, on the other hand, is the third largest city in the United States with a population of 3 million.  Yes, I know Obama wasn’t the Mayor of Illinois, but he was in the Illinois State Legislature from 1997-2004 before becoming a U.S. Senator.  Obama is also a constitutional lawyer who taught at the University of Chicago for 12 years and has a law degree from Harvard Law School. 
Sarah Palin is a self-proclaimed hockey mom, with a degree in journalism who once worked as a sports writer.  I have no doubt that Palin is a hard-working mom and all around great person.  BUT THAT DOESN’T QUALIFY HER TO BE VICE PRESIDENT OR PRESIDENT.  Do you people want me to scream that again?
And to all who tried posting comments, no I’m not a socialist, communist, etc.  I’m a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and have ancestors who fought for this country during its formation.
I’m not against Palin because she’s a woman.  There are several qualified Republican women, such as Olympia Snowe, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Elizabeth Dole, etc. who would have been a better choice.  I’m against her being chosen because it shows how pathetic John McCain is and his complete lack of judgment.  I do not want someone of that caliber as POTUS.  McCain made his choice to upstage Obama and in an attempt to appease his right-wing, nut job Christian base. 
I believe a woman, not John McCain or Sarah Palin, should have control over her body.  I believe in the seriousness of global warming, unlike Palin who must say otherwise to keep Big Oil satisfied.  I believe in science and evolution, unlike Palin who thinks evolution and intelligent design (or whatever the latest buzz word is) should be taught side by side in schools.
Fox News brainwashes you idiots into believing whatever crap that throw your way.  Then you start trolling around the internet spewing your b.s.  This country is headed for trouble if Karl Rove, once again, succeeds in convincing you to vote for the person with the lowest grades, least amount of historical knowledge, and the one who will be your BFF.  For pete’s sake who in their right mind would vote for President based on choice in beer or b-b-q?  That’s absurd.  I want a smart, thoughtful, caring person as president, not another clown like George W. Bush, who happens to be an 8th cousin of mine. 

Send Your Friends someecards

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The Democratic National Convention is over so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to the hard work of getting Barack Obama elected.

Here’s an easy way to start getting the message out: send an ecard to everyone in your address book:

You can search the website for existing cards or make your own if you don’t find one that strikes your fancy.

Well, what you are waiting for?!

Now The Work Begins

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Today the confetti has been swept away and the delegates are heading home.  We must now begin the heavy lifting of getting out the word that Barack Obama is a better choice for America.

I was moved by the crowd at Invesco Field in Denver and all the people who spoke from their hearts.  If you were watching one of the networks or cable news shows you may have missed some of the best speeches of all.  People from around the country who spoke about their lives and how the last eight years have been difficult for them.  It seems very arrogant of the media to talk over the speakers; I wanted to reach through the television screen and strangle a couple of them.

It was clear from the crowd that Obama’s speech was a huge hit.  This night belonged to the Democrats with hopes of making the country and world a better place.  I don’t know when the media began allowing the opposition to rain on others parades, but I don’t like the trend.  For once, let us have our moment, let us bask in the glow of a true leader, let us have our opportunity to soak up the significance of nominating the first black man for president.  It truly was a momentous event.

Immediately after Obama’s speech, David Brooks was on PBS talking about how disappointed and underwhelmed he was by the speech.  Listening to that you had to wonder whether he was watching a different speech!  It didn’t take long to realize the coordinated Republican Slime Machine had distributed talking points so the pundits on Fox News, etc., could launch invectives post haste.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the GOP is actually the PPP, the Peter Pan Party, comprised of people who refuse to grow up.  No longer able to argue the issues, they resort to name calling and cheap tricks.  As an example, I give you this from Newsweek:

The Democratic convention has already moved to Invesco Field, but that hasn’t stopped the GOP from making mischief back at the Pepsi Center. On my walk from the parking structure to the NEWSWEEK workspace this afternoon, I stumbled across a posse of young men and women wearing togas, waving “The One” placards and chanting, in the adoring drone of brainwashed Branch Davidians, “Change! Hope! O-BAM-A!” One sign read “The Temple of O.” I figured they were referring to the neoclassical stage where Obama is planning to accept the Democratic nomination tonight.

“Look to the clouds!” shouted one worshiper.

“Is he descending yet?” asked another.

“He must descend so we can change,” the first one intoned. Then they began singing the word “Obama” to the tune of Handel’s “Messiah.”

When they stopped, I approached and asked who they were representing. “Obama,” said a tall goateed gentlemen. “Obama,” repeated a shorter, clean-shaven woman. “He is ‘The One.'” “What about that McCain sticker on your toga?” I asked, pointing at the McCain sticker on another man’s toga.” “I’m not worthy,” he said. “So I’m supporting McCain.” I didn’t bother to mention the RNC credentials–“A Mile High, One Inch Deep”–dangling from everyone’s belt loops.

As I walked away, a woman who’d traveled from Montana to see Obama’s acceptance speech sidled up beside me. “What did you think of those Obama fans?” I asked. “Stupid,” she said. “All the negative people are voting for McCain.” Then she started the mile-long walk to Invesco.

Do these theatrics work?  It’s hard to say but there are people in this country who can’t or won’t think for themselves and the Republican Party targets them relentlessly.  I vividly remember, as if it were yesterday, the day after the 2004 election and reading about this headline:

I hope to the depth of my being that a similar headline won’t be news on November 5, 2008.

Who Would You Rather Have Arugula Salad With?

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This afternoon I watched the rerun of Charlie Rose’s show from last night and the topic was a rehash of the opening of the Democratic National Convention.

The pundits continue to push the idea that people are uncertain about Obama because they are unable to make a “gut” decision about him.  Or, to put it more simply, they just don’t know enough to decide whether they would want to carpool with him every day.

When did we start deciding presidential elections based on who was most likely to be our BFF?  Sorry, but I don’t get it.  The candidate could be an alien, for all I care, and I would vote for it as long as I thought the country’s best interests were front and center.  It’s really not all about me.