What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Some doofus, with the group calling themselves the Ohio Militia, is calling for 1,000,000 armed militia members to march on Washington, DC on July 4th.  That should end well.


Fail Whale

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Paging the Fail Whale to the wingnut courtesy telephone.

See?  Didn’t I tell you Twitter was stupid?  Seems some Okie, who is clearly old enough to know better, has been arrested by the FBI for filling his Twitter account with threats he would turn April 15th into a bloodbath on the Oklahoma City Capitol steps:

Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, was arrested by FBI agents who identified him as the Twitter user CitizenQuasar. In a series of tweets beginning April 11, CitizenQuasar vowed to start a “war” against the government on the steps of the Oklahoma City Capitol building, the site of that city’s version of the national “Tea Party” protests promoted by the conservative-leaning Fox News.

“START THE KILLING NOW! I am willing to be the FIRST DEATH!,” read a tweet at 8:01 PM that day. “After I am killed on the Capitol Steps, like a REAL man, the rest of you will REMEMBER ME!!!,” he added five minutes later. Then: “Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the[m] on the State Capitol steps.”

I’m not sure how these guys are going to make it through the next 4 years when it hasn’t even been 100 days.  What concerns me the most is Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity & ‘Friends’ will literally incite riots over a bunch of nonexistent bullshit.  I hope the Secret Service are eating their Wheaties every morning.

The End of Civilization…

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…as we know it.  I’m with David on this one.  Twitter is stupid.

The Summer Wind – Madeleine Peyroux

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Tortured Logic

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Apparently this isn’t considered torture by more than a handful of Americans.  Hmmm, that being the case, I wonder why the police aren’t allowed to use it to get confessions out of suspects? 

I hope Hannity bites at Olbermann’s offer, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’ve found the torture news of this week to be extraordinarily depressing.  I know I’m depressed when I can no longer get angry at or mock the wingnuts.

On the other hand, I think discussing what is/isn’t torture is preferable to talking about Michelle Obama’s biceps or summoning up some faux outrage over photoshopping a picture of the President taken in Hawaii.

UPDATE:  Now that I’ve had a day or two to think about it, I suppose waterboarding Hannity, even for charity, wouldn’t be right.  As much as I thought it would be good for Hannity to experience waterboarding so he wouldn’t take it so lightly, principles are principles and we shouldn’t be torturing anyone.  ‘Nuff said.

Kodo – Taiko Drummers

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I saw this group on the UC-Berkeley campus in the early 90s and it was the most powerful music I’ve ever witnessed.  These drummers are truly athletes.  The percussion was so great, every seat in the house was vibrating.  (Kodo means ‘heartbeat’ in Japanese. )  If you ever get the chance to see them perform live, don’t miss it.

What Would Molly Think?

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I miss Molly Ivins.