Oink, Oink

flying_pigI’m sitting here watching NBC Nightly News (or whatever they call it) and I was surprised to hear Brian Williams lead off the broadcast by saying we must stop calling it the swine flu.  Why?  Looks like the Pork Lobby is upset because it’s giving pigs a bad name!

You won’t be surprised then, to know this is what one of the major pork producers has to say about this:


Smithfield Foods Inc., the biggest U.S. pork concern, prefers to call the disease “North American influenza.” Swine flu “just has the wrong name,” said C. Larry Pope, Smithfield chief executive officer.

And well, you have to love those pork producers, who think we shouldn’t be calling it the swine flu because pigs aren’t getting sick!  Maybe things like this wouldn’t be a problem if we spent more money on education so we didn’t have such a dumbed down populace.

Y’all know you can’t get this flu from eating pork, right?!


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