Well here’s that 10-22″ of predicted snow.  It came as rain, rain, and more rain and has made a mess out of everything.  I would have much preferred 2 feet of snow to this.  Last summer we dug out a window well because we were getting water in our basement during these kinds of rains.  Mr. gyma installed a new sump pump in that window well earlier in the week and we were hoping that, in combination with the $5k we spent last summer to have the Olshan boys tear up our basement, would keep the basement dry.

It didn’t work.  This rain is icy cold and the 5-gallon bucket the sump pump is sitting in is a bit too small for the float to move freely.  I guess it really wouldn’t matter because the water is so cold it’s frozen up the pump.  We began by bailing out the window well with a 2-cup measuring cup and putting the water into a 5-gallon bucket.  That got old fairly quickly so we took a 6′ section of garden hose so we could drain the water directly into the bucket.  That worked better but we’d spend 10 minutes draining 20-gallons of water, come upstairs for 10 minutes, only to discover a completely full window well.  We now have a garden hose sunk in the bucket with the other end draining into the toilet.  Our goal is to reach homeostatis so we can watch the rest of the 2nd disk in the first season of Damages

It’s gonna be a long, crappy night.


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