Meet Rex


This is Rex, a handsome Shiba Inu, and below is dipshit extraordinaire, Abby Toll, a gal smart enough to be accepted at CU-Boulder, who taped Rex’s legs, tail and snout and then taped him to the refrigerator because she was mad at her boyfriend, the dog’s owner.


The bad news for Ms. Toll is the small amount of heroin found on her when she was arrested for animal cruelty.  She’s currently sitting in jail because she can’t make bail.  Cry me a river.


3 Responses to “Meet Rex”

  1. hope they can nail her for even more! What a jerk

  2. Perhaps she should be taped to the refrigerator!

  3. There really is something sick about people who treat animals this way. (And she wonders why the dog bit her?)

    Let’s hope she never has kids!

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