A Spot of Tea?

teabaggingI’ve been trying to ignore the teabag protesters, but it’s been impossible to do.  I purposely didn’t watch the news tonight, but did read The Denver Post online to get a feel for the protest in Denver today.  They claim 5,000 folks showed up to wave a bunch of signs filled with nonsense like:


“God Gave You Big Ears – Please Listen”
“Obama Lied – The Economy Died”
“Just Say NO To Economic Suicide – Say Yes To Free Markets”
“No to Socialism – American Extremist”
“Welcome Back, Carter”
“Read My Teleprompter….”
“Send the Military – At Least They Are Good At What They Do – Vote 2010”
“Proud To B [sic] An American – NO 1) apologies, 2) bowling, 3) boot licking – Vote 2010”

That last one has to be my favorite.  And although I don’t want to take these folks seriously, I’m afraid that this protest represents how easily some people are led around by the nose and told what to think.  They throw around words like ‘fascist’ and ‘socialism’ without having a clue what they mean.  And the entire time BushCo was in power, these same folks were fine with the trashing of the Constitution, engaging in a war based on lies, cutting taxes for the rich while spending up a storm, ad nauseum.

Here’s what Bertha Holland, one of those protesters in Denver today, had to say:

[…] “It’s pretty sad that I’ve lived 65 years and never had a reason before to protest something,” said Bertha Holland, who carried a sign that read, “Don’t stimulate. Liberate.”

“What’s happening scares me,” she added.

Now Bertha lived through Viet Nam, Watergate, Iran/Contra, etc., and this is what has her riled up enough to protest?!  I guess Fox News wasn’t around back then to tell her what was worth protesting, huh?  And what in the hell does “Don’t stimulate. Liberate.” mean? 

[scratches head]

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