coloradoI dunno.  Maybe this stuff makes sense, but there are times when I think we need to be a bit less prudish.  This story was all over the local news here because poor Kelley Coffman-Lee wanted to show her love of tofu on her license plate.  Apparently she doesn’t text because she had no idea her request might be turned down.  In fact, based on the quote below, she still doesn’t get it.

“Tofu is a word, I haven’t said anything bad. I think it’s crazy they denied it,” she said. “It’s not a dirty, evil food. It’s very wholesome.”

The censors at the state licensing department rejected her request because they were concerned it would be misread as I-LV-TO-F-U.  For me, I’m much less offended by people who love to ‘FU’ than people who wage wars. 

Personal preference, I guess.


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