I Get E-Mail


Not sure how I got this particular email, but I found it interesting.  The subject line was “Send a Tea Bag to Washington, D.C. for $1” and it came from a group calling themselves Christian Response.

These guys want to send 1M tea bags to Washington DC on April 15th in protest of something or other.  Apparently they feel they are being taxed unfairly, however I seem to remember having my taxes cut just last month.

What I loved about this email was the variety of “protest” materials for sale.  For example, this graphic is known as the “party pack” consisting of 3 bumper stickers, 2 protest signs, and one yard sign.  The original price?  A mere $94.95, but right now, you can purchase this party pack for the reduced, super sale price of only $39.95 plus s/h. 

If this isn’t to your liking you can order a camo cap embroidered with “I’ll Keep My Guns, Freedom & Money, You Can Keep the ‘Change'” for only $19.95.  Or this t-shirt:


or a variety of really asinine bumper stickers about impeaching Obama because he lied, or Obama being a socialist, etc.

Who are these people?  And what brand of Christian are they?!  Sheesh.


3 Responses to “I Get E-Mail”

  1. Who are these people?

    Some small fraction of them are like that Poplawski fellow here in Pittsburgh.

    what brand of Christian are they?!

    The kind that heard, “Do unto others” but missed the second part.

    Just think, Obama hasn’t been Prez three months yet. Just think of the crazy a year from now.



  2. Oh I’m sure they are that and so much more. Like perhaps folks who are looking for a quick buck and labeling crap ‘Christian’ helps with the branding?

    There will be a special place in hell for these guys. (not that I believe in hell, mind you)

  3. Onward Christian marketers, marching as to sell!


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