I Feel Old


I decided a few weeks ago that we’d spend locally the money we’re getting due to the recent tax cuts.  It’s about $66/month, so it won’t go all that far.  Tonight we went to one of the local Chinese restaurants for dinner, something we rarely do because I’d rather fix my own food.  We had 2 orders of Almond Chicken, which was a small amount of chicken and LOTS of celery served with a mound of steamed white rice plus 2 beers.   So why do I feel old?

Because the bill came to $30, which seems outrageous to me.  One of the reasons it feels outrageous is because wages have not kept up with the cost of living.  I’m earning less than $5/hour more now, after earning a B.S. and master’s degree, than I was making in the early 80s as a temporary word processor!  Granted we were living in the SF Bay area at the time, but still.  Even before moving to SF, it felt that we could afford to eat out, drive to the mountains for a day of skiing, see a movie or show, all while earning the going salary.  Gasoline was under $1/gallon, rent for a 2-bedroom apartment was $300, and utilities were $30/month.  Life was good.

Not so much now, and if I’m to believe what I’m hearing on the news, it won’t be changing any time soon.  How depressing.


2 Responses to “I Feel Old”

  1. Wow! Even in today’s economy $30 for two orders of Almond Chicken and two beers is outrageous! What kind of beer were you drinking anyway?? Lol!

  2. To be completely honest I probably should have said the bill was $25 plus a $5 tip. The main dishes were $10 each and the beers were $2.50 each. I wish we were drinking something local, like Fat Tire, but the beer was the more prosaic, Bud Light!

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