Misplaced Outrage


Getty Images/Mandel Ngan

!OMG! Michelle Obama was wearing false eyelashes today when she spoke to a group of girls in London.  She spends way too much time on her looks, which is clearly sending the wrong message, blah, blah, blah.  Oh, did you know she likes to wear sleeveless dresses?  Imagine that?  A 40-something woman baring her arms – what must she be thinking?!  And look at that fist bump…. 

HaHaHa, wingnuts.  The joke’s on you, you morons.  After spending the last 8 years outraged by what BushCo. has done to this country, I’m pleased that the Obamas are so well received overseas.  These are truly classy people and they make me proud to be an American. 

Take that Rush Limbaugh, you ignorant pig.   And although I’m laughing at the wingnuts and their misplaced outrage, I’m with spork_incident on this one – at times it’s really hard to deal with the pettiness and ignorance.

These folks are truly laughable.

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