Good Luck With That, America

cartman_pissed_offMatt Taibbi posted a new article yesterday on Rolling Stone’s website and it’s probably the best article on the global financial meltdown we are currently facing.  If after reading this, you aren’t pissed off and rummaging around in your garden shed for a pitchfork, then you aren’t paying attention.

I had been willing to give Tim Geithner a bit more time to sort out the mess he inherited, but no mas.  I now believe Geithner knows exactly what he’s doing and it isn’t being done to benefit the rubes living in the sticks.  He’ll be in government for only a short time, so his loyalties have to be with the Wall Street Wizards who got us in this mess in the first place, because that is where he’ll return to make his fortune after helping himself to the country’s coffers.  In this regard he’s no different from that creep, Hank Paulson.

Just go read what Taibbi discovered.  It will leave you speechless.


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