If You Can…


I’m a holiday giver.  What I mean is I save my money all year long and at the end of the year I donate as much as possible to my favorite charities.  I rarely make any donations at any other time of the year regardless of the number of requests I receive in the mail.

I’m in the process of preparing a special report at work on the state of nonprofit organizations in the county where I live and work.  The unemployment rate here is about one percentage point less than the state and still below the national average.  That doesn’t mean the residents of the county aren’t hurting, however.  One of the heart wrenching things I’m hearing repeatedly is that nonprofits are seeing many clients for the first time who have never in their lives had to ask for help.  And they are hurt and anxious by having to ask for it.  The nonprofit employees tell me they feel horrible knowing they have jobs because others are hurting.

I’m also being told that agencies are seeing an increase in demand for services between 25% and 225%.  So if you have a favorite local nonprofit and can throw them a few bucks to get through the tough times, I know the money would be greatly appreciated and go to good use.


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