Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante

Can you name all 103 famous faces in this painting?  Check comments for the first ten.




 Here’s a larger image.  (Use the magnifying glass to enlarge further.)


4 Responses to “Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante”

  1. 1. Adolph Hitler
    2. Joseph Stalin
    3. Elvis
    4. Charlie Chaplin
    5. Shirley Temple
    6. Margaret Thatcher
    7. Marlon Brando
    8. Frederick Douglass
    9. Yao Ming
    10.Vincent Van Gogh

  2. Here are 10 more:

    11. Pele
    12. Saddam Hussein
    13. Benito Mussolini
    14. Charles de Gaulle
    15. Winston Churchill
    16. William Shakespeare
    17. Bill Clinton
    18. Bruce Lee
    19. Mike Tyson
    20. Audrey Hepburn

  3. Saw the thing about the Dante piece.

    If you like this sort of thing (guess the people etc.) there’s something for the rock fans – ‘The Jam Series’. This is two amazing pen and ink drawings featuring all the greats from ’50s through to ’90s – 252 artists in all across the two pieces.

    If anyone wants to check them out, they can be seen at:


    Anyway, thought it might be of interest!



  4. And another 10:

    21. Vladimir Putin
    22. Albert Einstein
    23. Abraham Lincoln
    24. Napolean
    25. Ghengis Khan
    26. Fidel Castro
    27. Queen Elizabeth II
    28. Ludwig von Beethoven
    29. Henry Ford
    30. Michael Jordan

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