Like most of the planet, I think George is easy on the eyes.  But George Clooney flavored tofu sounds absolutely disgusting!


2 Responses to “Eeewww!”

  1. Oh, heck, I thought this was a product of your disturbed imagination!

    (I really should read this here place more. Consider that rectified!)

    Though a vegetarian, I’m embarrassed by Ingrid Newkirk. Although…I read a profile/interview with her in the New Yorker some years ago in which she hinted that her whole schtick was to be The Extreme. That is: By being so extreme PETA makes the rest of the “animal rights movement” look sane.

    Maybe so.

    But watching her actions I still question Newkirk’s judgment.


  2. That’s funny – I thought you were the one with the disturbed mind! :p

    Gotcha, didn’t I?!

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