Why I’ll Never Hold Elected Office

Apparently the only way you can get elected to national office in this country is to agree to never, ever say anything critical of Israel.  I wouldn’t know Charles Freeman from Adam, but from what I’ve read he would have been a terrific asset to the Obama administration and to our national security.  I’ll also admit that I don’t really follow Israeli politics much, although I do believe our unilateral, unwavering support of anything and everything Israel does continues to fuel the flames in the Middle East and contributes significantly to the reasons we are despised in the region.

IsraelLast year Mr. gyma read The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and he highly recommends it.  If you aren’t interested enough to read the entire book, then I recommend you read this article to get enough background to understand why it isn’t in this country’s interest to allow The Lobby to dictate our foreign policy.

You might also come away with an idea why Obama was forced to retract Freeman’s name from consideration.  When 3% of this country provide 60% of campaign funding, then said 3% have a disproportionate influence on us. 

And mostly this is because the other 97% of us don’t care enough or our politicians would take notice.  In spite of what some Republicans are doing in Washington these days, they aren’t entirely stupid and most politicians understand the gravy train and how it works.

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