Duty, Honor, Country, Huh?

pile-of-moneyI guess Capt. Michael Dung Nyguen slept through that West Point class where they discussed the motto ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ or else he’s a registered Republican who was appointed to the academy by the likes of the bugman, Tom DeLay.

Nyguen was a battalion Civil Affairs Officer in Iraq where he stole in excess of $690,000 — money that was meant for humanitarian relief for Iraqis.  Here’s the thing.  Nyguen mailed the money to his home address in Oregon before leaving Iraq.  Did Nyguen have pressing medical bills, a destitute mother, or some other urgent use for this money?  Apparently not.

Once Nyguen returned to Oregon, he opened up a couple of bank accounts and proceeded to ‘launder’ the money by paying cash for a 2009 Hummer H3T and a 2008 BMW.  With the leftover money he started buying electronics, computers, and furniture.  Basically he went on a huge Merry-Christmas-To-Me spending spree.

How do you think this creep got caught?  By the DoD doing an audit?  By some other means of tracking the big piles of cash being distributed far and wide throughout the Middle East?  Nope.

He was caught because the banks are required to report large deposits.  Once the first large deposit was reported, then the FBI was able to track his other deposits and financial transactions and voila!  A thief was caught.

Much like Eliot Spitzer, I suppose.  (Although Spitzer never stole anything.)


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