Mr. gyma and I were talking about this over the weekend – the idea that too many people in this country, especially those who are doing well, believe they are where they are in life because they worked harder than everyone else and if poor people only worked as hard as they do, they would be well off, too.

They give absolutely no credence to luck or being in the right place at the right time or knowing the right person or marrying into the right family or any other number of reasons that go into doing well in this country. 

Don’t believe me?  Read Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers.

[graphic via Pundit Kitchen]

UPDATE:  The caption above reads:  “The unshakable belief that those priveleged [sic] from birth achieved success all on their own.”


2 Responses to “Republicanism”

  1. They are making me tired, real tired. And worse they are getting louder and more self righteous with their pronouncements. Frustrating times indeed

  2. So far the criticisms don’t seem to be hurting Obama’s poll numbers much. I think they are digging themselves a very deep hole and my hope is that another viable political party emerges from it. This current group is flat out nuts.

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