Stroke Zone


I saw my doctor Monday to get a refill on a prescription I’m forced to take forever and ever because of a medical goof up several decades ago.  My doc was alarmed because my blood pressure reading was 170/90 and didn’t go down one bit while I was there.  I’ve always struggled with ‘white coat’ syndrome so I wasn’t all that worried.  I did, however, take his advice and have my bp checked a couple of other places throughout the day.

I have a cuff at home I used when a different doc wanted to start me down the pill path a couple of years ago.  But every time I checked, my bp was within the normal range.  This time my cuff was reading a bit high, but nothing like 170/90.  I took the cuff to work the next day and asked one of the public health nurses to take my bp so I could check my cuff with her reading.  Sad to say the reading was 190/100! although my cuff was reading 135/85.  I called my doc’s office immediately and was back in this morning.  I’m now the proud owner of 2 more pills to pop, but they have lowered both my pulse and bp.

The original drug I take is synthroid because I no longer have a thyroid.  When I was about 3 years old, my family doctor thought it would be a wonderful idea to irradiate my tonsils to shrink them.  It did shrink them (temporarily, I might add) but several years later I developed a very large tumor on my thyroid.  Lucky for me it was a benign tumor and the surgeon removed only one thyroid lobe.  But less than 5 years later there was another tumor on the other lobe.  I waited nearly 20 years to have that tumor removed and now I struggle to get my tsh levels balanced (it currently isn’t in balance and could be a major factor in the stroke level bp problem).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that once my tsh levels are correct, I’ll be able to get off the bp meds.  My mother was taking dozens of meds by the time she died because everything she took caused something else to go haywire, which was then fixed by taking another pill.  Ad infinitum.

I’d like to think that had my family doc opted for the tonsillectomy, I’d be a much happier person about now.

And let this be a lesson to have your home monitoring systems calibrated regularly so they don’t lull you into a false sense of security.


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  1. Uh oh. You really need to read what’s on this thyroid patient website: Patients, and I’m one, have found out that Synthroid and Levoxyl and all T4 medications are not good at all and leave all of us with lingering symptoms, including high blood pressure. I was shocked when I found out. I knew I wasn’t feeling good but didnt’ know why. Now I feel a hundred percent better thanks to what I found out. I’m on Armour. I also got her book and that was a life saver for me. She says it has even more than the website, and she’s right. I love it.

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