The P Word


Don Marostica (R-JrHS)

Some people need to grow up.  Don Marostica (R) is one of them.  This guy is my rep in the statehouse, but I have never voted for him and never will.  In fact we got into a bit of an email flame war this last election cycle because he pays some old fart to go around town putting up his political signs on public property, which is against the law.

It seems Donnie got the vapors recently when one of his aides saw an ad from the UK National Health Service that included the word penis.

You see Marostica, always in the back pocket of big business, was considering the introduction of a bill that would make the ban on indoor smoking less restrictive.  Stephanie Steinberg, the executive director of an anti-smoking organization, showed up at Marostica’s office with an ad. 

[…] The caption reads, “Smoking damages the tissues in your penis.”

Marostica got a copy of the ad from a 19-year-old male aide and deemed it to be “very inappropriate and offensive material.” He went to the House floor Friday morning to speak out about it and said he would not even display the ad for other legislators because of its content….

Leave it to a prude like Marostica to think his colleagues would be offended by seeing the word penis in print, but think nothing of actually taking a scalpel to the penis of a prisoner in Gitmo as way of extracting information from him.

Spare me, please.


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