Do These Things Work?

There are times when I love browsing catalogs, especially those containing unusual products.  Not too long ago I got a Harriet Carter catalog in the mail and laughed several times while paging through it.  This is where I first saw the farting piggy bank, but it wasn’t the only thing I saw that made me wonder about the person behind the product.

Occasionally you find something in one of these catalogs that truly fills a void.  I kinda like this product:









and would probably use it when entertaining.  Other than making votives out of apples, what else would you use?

Here’s another product I might consider buying:









 Apparently you put this fan cover in the freezer and then use it whenever it gets really hot.  In theory, I think it would work.

These last two fall into the laughable category:









How lazy do you have to be to use a banana slicer?

And at my age, this last one might be my favorite:









Just what we need – a boob sling!  I wonder if it works?!


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