Digital TV Question

I need some help!  We used part of our tax refund money to buy a digital tv today.  We are using a rooftop antenna and most of the stations in the Denver market will not be converting to digital next week.

Here’s the problem:  when watching the channels in digital mode, part of the picture is cut off.  For example, the tops of heads don’t show and any wording gets cut off.

For now, we are watching in analog because we get the full picture.  But when the conversion takes place, I’ll want to be able to see the entire picture.

How do I fix this?!

UPDATE:  Looks like I fixed it by pushing the ‘pix shape’ button on the remote control.   Now that’s intuitive, and there wasn’t anything in the crappy manual that helped.  Sometimes you have to just begin pushing buttons and hope you don’t screw up anything too badly.


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