Brain Bombs

brainThere’s something wrong with my brain.  I’m hoping the problem is temporary and will somehow fix itself.

For the last several months my brain has been substituting similar sounding words.  For example, I’ll type update when I mean upstate.  Or to becomes do, etc.  So far it only happens when I type, not when I speak or talk.  I have no idea why it’s doing this but it’s making me feel stupid.

And even though I’ve learned to proofread everything, my brain continues to play games with me because I’ll find errors even after proofreading.  Perhaps I’m having problems with the connection between my eyes and my brain in addition to the connection between my brain and fingers.

In all seriousness I’m not worried in any substantial way, but I wish I could do a data dump [my original version had dumb instead of dump!] and rid my brain of all the extraneous crap I no longer wish to remember.  That might free up enough space to make my brain work more efficiently.  Actually I think the problem is most likely due to lack of sleep.  I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep at a reasonable hour, slept through the night and several REM cycles, and awoke in the morning refreshed and eager to start the day.

And just think – I wouldn’t have to park in the same row wherever I go just so I’ll be able to find my car again.


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