The ‘Beautiful’ Martha Washington

marthaIf given our druthers, who amongst us would prefer to have our “picture” taken when we were in our 40s or 50s?  Not too many.  I don’t know why there are no surviving portraits of Martha Custis Washington as a young woman, but it’s a shame to think we’ve been introduced to her only as an old, crabby-looking woman.

I am an amateur genealogist who has often come across a document that describes someone as comely or handsome, but the surviving photographic evidence belies such adjectives.  It’s not that I don’t believe that such beauty existed as much as I understand how life changes our appearance, often not for the better.

I love that forensic anthropologists took it upon themselves to disabuse us of our incorrect impressions of Martha Washington.  We should all be so fortunate.

I think Martha would approve.

One Response to “The ‘Beautiful’ Martha Washington”

  1. yep, i totaly agree i just googled her and it was like almost all old woman!! but she was beautiful!! i also think she would approve

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