sullyThis is Capt. Chelsey B. Sullenberger III and his wife, Lorrie, who were given a warm hometown welcome recently in Danville, California.  We have a good friend living in Danville and it will be interesting to hear his take on Sully when we hear from him next.

I don’t have many heroes, people I look up to and admire, but Sully is one of them.  I have one other hero, the doctor who saved my vision when I suffered a detached retina 4 years ago.  In my mind, both men most likely put off personal pleasures to study seriously for emergencies that might happen only occasionally in their lifetimes.

I clearly remember having this thought the week after my surgery – how utterly grateful I was that my doctor took his studies seriously and cared about being good at what he does.  By the time I got to the ER, I had about 10% of my vision left and it was probably more likely I would be blind the next day than not.

I will be ever grateful to my doctor for saving my life as I know it, just as all the passengers on US Airways flight 1549 will be ever grateful to Captain Sullenberger.

I intend to watch his interview on 60 Minutes tonight even if it means watching Katie Couric.


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