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flagI rarely watch Fox News, but for some reason I caught the first 5 minutes of it last night before I went to bed.  This was the lead off story – with everything going on in the world, I was surprised it was featured so prominently.  We purposely chose not to buy a house governed by an HOA.  That means we live with neighbors who parks 5 vehicles in front of their house when the driveway is full of discarded appliances.  And the guy down the street who decides it’s okay to put a piece of plywood in his window because he can’t afford to have it replaced.  But I’m willing to live with some of that so I can plant whatever flowers I want, paint the color of my house whatever color I choose, and leave my lighted wreath up for a month after Christmas if I feel like it.

So I don’t have much sympathy for folks like these who want to whine because putting up a 20′ flagpole in their front yard violates their HOA agreement.  If you don’t want to abide by the rules, THEN MOVE.

But don’t get on television talking about your hyper patriotism and how unfair it is that you can’t honor your military son.  Patriotism has NOTHING to do with this story.  Nada.  Zippo. 

And anyway, aren’t HOAs a communist ploy to control your thoughts and actions?


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