Political Sabbatical

I’m struggling of late when it comes to processing the political news of the day.  I’m not seeing any thoughtful, analytical news, whether it’s from television, radio, or anything in print.  I continue reading about a dozen blogs as time permits, and from them I get the gist of what’s going on and I don’t like it.  I want substantive analysis of what’s happening in Washington because I don’t have time to read through 600+ pages of legalese to discover for myself what’s being proposed.

And I certainly don’t want to hear what Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, or Rush Limbaugh have to say.  ABOUT ANYTHING.

So for awhile I’m going to post about some of the other weird and silly things I discover and will leave the weird and silly politicking to others.  My sanity demands it.


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