1,577 Times?!

jailI suppose it’s possible for an ex-husband to have nude photos of his ex-wife without her knowing it.  But the way things are going, I’d be very careful about spicing up your love life by posing for the hubby.  You know the line about how you never really know the person you’re married to, right?

Things always start out so well and then one day you wake up and decide you can’t take it any more and call it quits.  Rarely is this a joint decision and one of you feels jilted and starts looking for payback. 

This dude was obsessed with revenge and more than 1,500 times (in 9 months, mind you) he logged on, flirted with some online stud muffin, and then sent nude photos of the ex-wife to said SM. 

He’s now spending 2.5 years in jail where one can only hope he doesn’t have internet access.  Oh, this wasn’t his first offense either.  He was sentenced to 5 years probation in 2006 for similar offenses.  Dear lord, I hope it was a different woman!


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