Happy Groundhog Day

My grandmother was born 102 years ago today.   She lived to be nearly 98 years old and was descended from some hearty stock.  Her paternal grandparents were born in England and came to the United States about 1850 and made their way to Wisconsin.  The day before her grandparents were to be married, her grandfather walked several miles to town to ask the preacher to come to the house the next day to marry them.  It started snowing and blowing upon his return and the drifts were so high, all he could see of the 9 and 10 foot fences was the post tops.  He took cover behind a tree and began to get sleepy.  It was then he remembered a lesson from his youth where his teacher told the class the importance of movement when trapped in the cold.  Had he not remembered that lesson, he most likely would have frozen to death and I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Happy Birthday, grandma!


Mary Jane Pendleton


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