Colorado Car Crash


You may have seen this on television or in the newspapers.  It was big news here because it happened in the beautiful red rock canyons of Colorado National Monument.  Seems this guy went off the road, rolled the van a couple of times before coming to rest, albeit precariously, on this very large rock.  He says it was an “accident” however authorities continue to investigate because there were no skid marks, etc.

More than 50 rescuers risked their lives to climb down 120 feet to save the driver, and this picture with an accompanying article comparing it to the movie, “The Italian Job”,  was published today in The Mail Online.

What they don’t tell you is that the driver was arrested as soon as he was released from the hospital for sexually assaulting a child.  Seems he had been interviewed about the case just hours before this “accident” occurred.

No word on how much it cost to save his sorry butt, although I hope he gets a bill in the mail, c/o the county hoosegaw.


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