Change We Can Believe In

First, I’m already sick of people griping about Obama and then concluding their gripe with, ‘Now that’s change we can believe in.’  But I’m thinking this will likely become a favorite meme of bloggers everywhere so I’m going to start by including this Letter to the Editor that appeared in today’s Denver Post:

I voted for John McCain, but Barack Obama is now my president. I sincerely hope he will be successful at reviving our economy, keeping us safe and elevating our culture. I will, however, be watching closely to see if his actions match his rhetoric, which brings me to his inauguration.

It is reported that Obama’s inauguration cost more than $150 million — in a struggling economy — and there is no outrage. George W. Bush was criticized heavily for spending $40 million on his 2004 inauguration. The disparity between the general media response to the two events is mind-boggling. Even if one says that some of the money was donated, couldn’t it have gone to a greater use in so many other places?

If the inauguration is any kind of example, Obama is just like any other politician. So much for “change we can believe in.”

Roger Cross, Highlands Ranch

And for the record, you might want to read what Eric Boehlert of Media Matters has to say about how the price tag for Obama’s inauguration was (or wasn’t) calculated.

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