Left Behind

While surfing around the Internet last night looking for Inaugural coverage, I came across this article on what the Bushes left behind for the Obamas.  It seems the Bushes were a bit miffed that the Clintons took more than they were entitled to (although the article doesn’t make clear the protocol of such matters).  Apparently Laura wanted to assure the country they wouldn’t be taking much other than their clothes, although after looking at some of the pictures of Laura while in the White House, she might have saved a few bucks in moving costs by donating these outfits to some good cause:



One thing they did leave behind was this tiger print settee, seen on the far right front, something Laura specifically hopes the Obamas decide to keep in the living quarters.  No really, I’m not kidding!



2 Responses to “Left Behind”

  1. i heard that laura bush likes it because her mother-in-law hates it.

    i’m no fan of b.bush but she’s right. that is UGLY!

  2. Yeah, it really is ugly! I think Laura should have bought it and given it to Babs for a Mother’s Day gift!

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