Fannie Mae and Freddie Crack

One of the grandsons turns 10 next month so I’ve been looking for a gift for him.  With the economy in the ‘toilet’ I thought it would be a good idea to get him a piggy bank so he can start saving for his future.

Luca is a boy’s boy and at 10 I’m guessing he’s big into the burping and farting noises.  It seems the male gender has a specific gene for noise making, which provides them with an endless amount of entertainment.

I’m considering sending this for his birthday:


Apparently it comes complete with six distinct sounds, so I’m thinking Luca will need lots of coins to entertain himself and all his friends.

[Harriet Carter]


2 Responses to “Fannie Mae and Freddie Crack”

  1. […] in the mail and laughed several times while paging through it.  This is where I first saw the farting piggy bank, but it wasn’t the only thing I saw that made me wonder about the person behind the […]

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