Clogged Drains?

ptrapI like products that make my life easier and more independent.  Mr. gyma has a full beard that he trims over the bathroom sink.  Eventually all those beard clippings clog up the bathroom sink drain but I seem to be the only person who notices the very slowly moving water.

I’m not about to get out the wrenches and get under the sink to remove the p-trap, so this innovative idea looks perfect to me.  The trap is clear (not just for demonstration purposes) but the first thing I wondered was how long it would stay clear before getting gunked up with soap scum, etc.

Another benefit I’d most likely use is the ability to retrieve things that have inadvertently gone down the drain.  My fingers don’t work as well as they once did, even though I can still type about 100 wpm.  I should probably spend some time exercising my hands/fingers to build up some strength in them.

Writing this post also made me think back to the 1980s when we were living in the San Francisco Bay area.  We lived in a townhouse and didn’t get along all that well with our next door neighbors.  The Mrs. notoriously parked her car in a manner that blocked me from pulling into my garage and I would either have to lay on the horn or get out and go to her door requesting she move her car.  You can imagine, then, my displeasure when one Saturday morning I walked into the bathroom and found it covered (and I mean covered) with slime.  This same neighbor had a clogged bathroom sink drain and they used the shop vac to ‘blow’ out the clog!  I even had crud hanging from the ceiling!

Can’t say I miss those neighbors.

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