Personal Ingenuity


 I’m going through a stage (at least I hope it’s a stage) where I can’t sleep at night.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to sleep on my back but it isn’t very comfortable.  For the last few months I wake up every morning with creases on my face that don’t go away during the day. 

Any idea what this is?


I did some google searching and found this pillow but I thought $50 a bit steep.  My version isn’t quite the same shape but it was a decent enough first effort to see if it worked.  I drew a freehand pattern on a piece of newspaper, transferred it to an old pillow case, cut it out – sewed it together and stuffed it with fiberfill.  I’ve been using it for about a week now and can report success.  I sleep much better and awake without any creases.  Maybe I’ll use that other pillow case this weekend to refine my handiwork.


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