Banning Cellphones


Why do we still allow people to talk on their cellphones while driving their cars?  Studies have shown that driving while talking on the telephone is equivalent to driving drunk.  And am I the only person who finds it absolutely nuts that people text while driving?

I read this article in The Denver Post yesterday and wasn’t all that surprised to discover that, although teens agree driving while texting is dangerous, they also believe a ban on texting will be unsuccessful because kids will do it anyway.  The paper has an online poll associated with the article and, as of last night, the odds were heavily in favor of banning teens from using cellphones in vehicles at all.

Can anyone tell me what everyone is talking about as they drive around town talking on their cellphones?  I simply can’t imagine that the majority are talking about anything that couldn’t wait half an hour until the driver got home or reached his/her destination. 

The reason this article was in yesterday’s paper is because around Thanksgiving a 10-year old girl was riding her bike home from school when a woman talking on her cellphone hit and killed the girl.  It’s pathetic to realize that it took the death of a child to get lawmakers and the public behind outlawing cellphone use.  Prior to this girl’s death, I’ve read of several adults, mostly bicycle riders, who have been killed by motorists on cellphones.

And nearly five years ago I was hit by a woman on a cellphone and this was the result:


Apparently the solution might be a technological advance that kills the cellphone’s signal if the car is moving above a certain speed.  Ta-da!  Problem solved.

One Response to “Banning Cellphones”

  1. Not a bad idea! Hopefully it would work in restaurants too!

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