Crappy Holidays

charlie-brownI don’t do Christmas any more and I’m more content and less stressed for doing so.  I do send gift cards to the grandkids and mail out handmade Christmas cards.  I’ll even make a batch or two of peanut brittle, and nag Mr. gyma until he hangs up the lighted wreath on the front of the house.  But that’s it.  Bah humbug!

I’m wondering how many people are suffering from holiday hangovers and dealing with the letdown of a less-than-desirable holiday.  I tried capturing the magic of Christmas well into my 20s, but then Mr. gyma helped me see the light.  What a relief.

I was a bit surprised (but I shouldn’t be) to see several people advertising their gifts on the company’s electronic employee bulletin board this week.  Someone is trying to unload a nice pair of women’s leather gloves, there were a couple of gift cards, including one for $200 at Sears!  Someone else was trying to get rid of perfume and I think I saw a bit of jewelry, too.

In the end I think it’s sad we don’t really know each other well enough to understand what our friends and family need/want for gifts.  And handing over $$ just seems way too impersonal, doesn’t it?  I did get a couple of unsolicited gifts this year – a fruitcake (!) that was promptly delivered to the public library because the people there will eat ANYTHING, and a cashmere hoodie and sleeveless t-shirt from one of my stepdaughters in a size I haven’t been able to wear since I was 25.  I tell her every year that all we want for Christmas are pictures of her and the kids, but she continues to attempt to capture that Christmas magic by sending us inappropriate gifts.

Anyone else get gifts you won’t use?  Or what was the worst gift you ever received?  (For the record, my worst gift was from my brother when I was about 20 – it was a WaterPik and I promptly returned it!)


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