Economic Stimulus

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I hate shopping.  Perhaps it’s because I think most items are overpriced and of poor quality or maybe it’s because I rarely find what I want.

For example, I need a new winter coat.  The one I’m currently wearing is at least nine years old and has served me well but is looking a bit worn around the edges.  So I thought I would take advantage of the after-Christmas sales and buy a new coat before the bikinis are put out on display in a few weeks.

I was looking for a full-length coat, meaning mid-calf in length, made from cloth, preferably wool, in a classic style so I could wear it another nine years or so.  And it had to be in a petite size so I didn’t drown in it.

No such thing existed in any of the stores we visited.  And when did Macy’s become K-Mart?  I probably haven’t been in a Macy’s since we lived in the San Francisco area 15 years ago, but at that time it was considered a moderately up-scale establisment.  Not any more!  We did buy some new bathroom towels at Macy’s on sale, but I swear they were the same towels I bought at K-Mart five years ago.

I ended up ordering a coat via the internet, which arrived on Friday.  It is red, made from wool, simple in style so it should last at least a few years, and was a petite size.  Unfortunately, the good folks in China making these coats, must not use their own women as models for petite sizing.  If they did, they would discover that petite women have shorter arms than taller women and would have adjusted the sleeve length accordingly.

My new coat is currently at the cleaners having 1.5″ taken from the sleeve length so my arms don’t resemble a monkey’s.  But by Wednesday, I’ll have a new winter coat.


One Response to “Economic Stimulus”

  1. Makes me wonder who they do use! Lol!

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