First Snow


We live in one of those micro climates where Denver and its surrounds will get snow or rain while he get zippo.  So while Denver has already had measurable snowfall, we haven’t.  Until today, that is.  It started snowing early this morning so there was an inch or two on the ground when I left home at 6:00 am for work.  There aren’t too many other people commuting at that time so it wasn’t as much of a white knuckle ride as usual.

It continued snowing all day long, so by the time I left at 3:30 there was 7-8″ on the ground and it was piled high on my car.  It took more than an hour to travel 17 miles.  I’m always amazed by people who continue tailgating and driving beyond the speed limit when it’s clear they would never be able to stop if they had to.

But I’ll take snow over ice any day.  I’ve never experienced anything quite as bad as this, but we lived in the Missouri Ozarks for 7 years, a place well known for its ice storms.  If you are looking for a natural thrill ride, try driving on a solid 3″ sheet of ice, previously known as a highway.

I don’t miss it one bit.


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