Ho Ho Ho


There’s a fair amount about Christmas that I don’t like or can’t quite get into.  One of the things I do enjoy is seeing how my neighbors celebrate the holidays by decorating their houses.  There’s something downright cheery about the lights, especially when it starts getting dark at 4:30.  The folks in this photo may have gone a bit overboard, but I actually enjoy seeing how far some people will go, ala Tim, the Toolman, Taylor.

We live in a cul du sac and there are only two houses with children.  The rest are owned by single people, couples with grown children, or retired people.  You don’t see too many decorated houses on our block so we have to go searching to find them.  A friend, who lives in Denver, lives two doors away from one of those people who end up on the nightly news – you know the type.  He starts putting up the lights after Halloween and is lucky to have them all up by Thanksgiving weekend.

So, I bah humbugged when I read Susan Greene’s column in yesterday’s Denver Post about the people who complained to the HOA about someone who spelled “Yes We Can” in red, white, and blue lights.  Seems she lives in a Republican neighborhood where the folks haven’t yet gotten over their stunning loss to Barack Obama.


One Response to “Ho Ho Ho”

  1. Wow. I too love CHristmas lights. We do our share. It boosts my spirits in spite of myself and I always rue the end of the season when we have nothing more than cold gray skies for weeks to come!

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