Christmas Cards

We’ve moved several times since leaving Wisconsin in 1978 so our friends are spread all over the country.  About 10-12 years ago I sent out  my first handmade Christmas card and now it has become expected.  Some years I have an easy time coming up with an idea, while other years I struggle.  When first doing this I made about 50 of them, but over the years I winnowed it down to about half that amount.  Now I only send handmade cards to people who appreciate them and send cheap cards to those who don’t care.  It’s one of the few things I do for the holidays and most of the time I enjoy doing it.

I spent the long holiday weekend making cards and this is what I’ll be sending out this year:


Now I have glue and glitter everywhere, but at least they are done!  I’ve put some of the cards from previous years before after the fold.











3 Responses to “Christmas Cards”

  1. Some lovely designs. Very nice indeed.

  2. […] the subject of the card is one of your own cats. But having read over the results of a few other, slightly more organised Christmas crafter and considerably more labour-intensive card creations, I’m fearing the prospect […]

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