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Christmas Break

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2008 by gyma

My age must be showing because I seem to be expending all my available energy on working 40 hours/week.  The small amount of time off gets used with chores, like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, etc., and I’m finding I don’t have the time for blogging I once did.

I’m going to take a break and after the beginning of the year I’ll re-evaluate the blogging issue.  The skies in Colorado are amazing to me and I’d like to get a new digital camera with a panoramic lens so I can capture the vastness and beauty of our skies.  Perhaps I’ll come back with a photographic blog.


Bumper Sticker of the Day

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When I worked at the library I was amazed by the number of people who pronounced library, lie-berry.  I’d bet Bush is one of them!  Available from Cafe Press.

2009 Bubble Calendar

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Here’s an interesting Christmas gift for the OCD on your shopping list.  Bet you can’t pop just one!  At $29.95 each, you’d certainly have to wield a modicum of self control.


Unusual Christmas Tree

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I don’t think I can afford this kind of tree this year!

Digital TV Conversion

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We live in the Denver television market.  Lately we’ve seen numerous ads telling us we don’t have to wait to connect our digital conversion boxes.  So, today I hooked up ours.  It required a google search to find someone who could explain how to hook it up through an RF modulator which we need for our VCR/DVD player.  It’s now hooked up and working.

Sort of.  We do get a couple more channels now, but while watching our local Fox station, the pixels and audio kept breaking up.  I’m not sure if we need to reposition our rooftop antenna, buy a new antenna, or wait until February when some of the stations will boost their signals.  Oh, and one of our two PBS stations doesn’t come through at all.

We’re getting too old to crawl up on the roof and install a new antenna.  We could probably reposition it, but still.  I really feel for seniors who have been using rabbt ears or who live in the country and will be forced to buy and pay for installation of a new antenna.

I think Bush should pay some of those unemployed folks to install new antennas for anyone over the age of 65, if needed.  And since he’s throwing money away right and left, he can buy the new antennas, too!

Shopping Anyone?

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Obviously this person sees Christmas in EVERYTHING.

Drink More Mountain Dew

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I wonder how this would look in Diet Coke cans?