Sunday Reading

Since returning to work I splurged a bit and am getting the New York Times delivered on Sundays.  I’ll do it as long as the half-price offer continues and then will have to go back to reading it online.

Here is just a taste of what I learned today:

  1. There are times when listening to your heart, more than your head, pays off.
  2. I could buy this lovely “piece of art” for that special someone on my shopping list who has everything.
  3. If things aren’t going all that well for me these days, I can ask someone else to pray for me and hope god answers my prayers.  One group alone gets 1.3 million annual requests.
  4. And if that doesn’t work, then I can find solace elsewhere, I suppose.
  5. If I were to have that child referred to in an earlier post, I could pay $149 for a genetic test that would tell me those sports in which my child would excel.
  6. It was interesting to learn that Washington, DC has $2.3 million less to spend this year on Obama’s inauguration than it did for George W. Bush’s 2nd inauguration in 2005.  They are estimating 1.5 million spectators for Obama’s inauguration versus the 300,000 that showed up for GWB.

This, of course, was all in addition to several articles on the Mumbai terrorist attacks, the last minute hijinks of the Bush administration, and a bunch of other stuff I will have forgotten by Wednesday.


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